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Preschool & Childcare Center

"Where children learn through play, exploration, and hands-on activities."

Program Objective:

To provide a high quality program that challenges each child to grow academically and socially/emotionally. We aim to cultivate each child’s inner abilities through age appropriate instruction, structured play, and consistent care.

Program Philosophy:

At Little Scholars Journey, we believe that children learn a great deal of information via play, modeled behavior, and positive encouragement.  As we know, play can be purely physical, like running, climbing, or throwing a ball.  Otherwise, highly intellectual, like solving a complex puzzle, comprehending a math problem, or navigating through an unfamiliar town. When thinking about how children develop, we deem, it is experience that will have direct influence on how they grow and build their own knowledge. Children learn best when wanted behaviors are modeled and they are given the opportunity to actually do the work (or play) themselves. Rather than being simply told, shown, or explained how to do something, we highly encourage independence. Therefore, our program will offer an engaging environment for young children to autonomously learn. Our teachers will provide unconditional positive regard and constant support. As a result, children will be able to observe, think, and solve problems on their own.

At Little Scholars Journey, we build a stimulating environment that is safe for ALL children to explore, learn, and have fun.  We realize that consistency, security, respect and team work are essential to a child’s growth. Ultimately, it is our understanding that every child will not prosper at the same rate nor will they have the same interest. Individualized plan and goals per child will allow each child to meet his/her needs. More importantly, we believe that with collaboration from parents, students, staff and all stakeholders EVERY child can reach their fullest potential.

Meet Our Staffs

Sandy Tan, Executive Director (Owner)

Sandy is passionated in teaching and values education. She taught high school math for over five years. She work with students one-on-one and in small groups. Sandy is very observant. She is able to differentiate her lessons to meet individual student's needs.

After having two children, Sandy has developed her love in working with young children. She decided to go back to school and study Early Childhood Education. Through her personal experiences in searching for a quality childcare center, that is when she decided to open her own center. Sandy is commited in making her childcare center a warm place for young children to grow, learn, and flourish. She believe all children can learn if the evironment is developmentally appropriate for the child.

Sandy holds a Master's Degree in Secondary Education from Quincy University and a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Illinois at Chicago.

Jacqueline Moy, Director

Jacqueline is our Director and started working for us since July 2018. She has earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Early Childhood Education at Georgia State University. She has over a decade of teaching experience in the classrooms from Preschool to 5th grade. She has worked in Public schools; a private school and helped opened a daycare by opening three out of the four classrooms and was the director there for over the course of five years. 


She is a mother of a beautiful daughter. She takes care of the children and loves them dearly as if they were her own children. Her number one priority is making sure the children are safe and stay safe. Her teaching philosophy is caring for them, loving them and teaching the students by exploration and play using the creative curriculum.  She also focuses students on engaging and learning in small groups, learning individually one-on one and the foundations of learning math, science, language and literacy, social- emotional skills, fine-motors skills and gross motors skills.  She also is able to modify and accommodate students at different levels of learning for each child’s individual needs. She loves seeing the development from the children’s learning and discovering the world around them, through hands-on exploration, play, storytelling and music.


She believes that showing the students that she cares is what they need first, then they will open their heart and mind and finally she will be able to teach them. She shows that she cares by forming relationships with not only the students but also the parents and keeping them updated on their children’s progress academically and emotionally by collaborating with the child’s teachers. She believes that encouraging parents to stay involved in their child’s learning will help their child succeed through positive reinforcement.


Ms. Cathy, Lead Teacher (RedButterfly Room)

Ms. Cathy is dedicated to provide a meaningful experience of learning, within a caring and understanding environment.  She is a proud and devoted mother of one beautiful and kind hearted daughter.  When she is not in the classroom, she enjoys live shows and exhibits, and traveling with her family.


Ms. Cathy is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago, with a major in Sociology.  After graduation, she decided to study and pursue a career in Early Childhood Education.  She has worked as a substitute teacher, an assistant teacher, a lead teacher, and a former, acting director.  Ms. Cathy has experience working with NAEYC, Head Start, and Montessori philosophies, as well as training in Teaching Strategies, Creative Curriculum, and ExceleRate Illinois.


Ms. Cathy believes all children should have a chance to grow and develop to their full potential, in a safe, caring, and fun environment.  She also believes all children should be cared for with true understanding and acceptance, at all levels of development.  Lastly, Ms. Cathy is truly grateful to be given the opportunity to care for children and to support their families.

Ms. Miya, Lead Teacher (Sunshine Room)

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